Exhibition "Visages d'Afrique" August - September 2006

Following the first exhibition in the bar Zango Daguerre, I've been asked to show them in the other ZANGO des Halles , bigger and right in the middle of Paris, until the begining of november.

Opening day on saturday the 2nd of septmeber, all are welcome!


For the latest news, I've been invited for a festival (festival du grand bivouac) hold during the 27th to the 29th of october in Albertille for 2 conferences and one hexibition, and even nominé for the "Aoste-Albertville" prize. You'll get the whole program on the web site.

Also invited for the biennale du carnet de voyage in Clermont Fernand for an other conference, on sunday the 19th of november 2006.

Special big up for Peugeot Motocycles which will sponsorized me for the hexibitions, and the transport of the moped to the conferences.


Interwiew dans Moto Mag, mai 2006


A small interview about the "pilot" in a proper motorbike magazine, not really used to tell about such small bikes!







Publication SPORT April 2006


That's a bigger issue this time for African moped, 600 000 copie all over France! In french.






Exhibition "Visages d'Afrique" mars 2006

Black and white portraits will be shown in the bar ZANGO Daguerre, 58 rue Daguerre, Paris 14eme during the whole month of march.
Opening day on saturday the 4th of march





Publication Mob Chop December 2005

Here is the article that was published about my trip. 4 pages, telling more about piston and cylinder than experiencing real african life, but still funny.

And the bike still works!



One month passed since I've been back... August 2005

Here are the black and white pictures that I took in villages through Africa, mostly in Mali. You'll find it in the B&W album.

After radio in Spain, that's on TV that I'm invited! I've been schucled for Aventure 8 on Direst8. If I'm not late, you'll see me "in" the screen on sunday the 14th of August around 1PM for a 50 min show!!! You can watch it online on internet at www.direct8.fr/live.html, in live only of course.


I'm back to work already, found a job only a week after I got back. Maybe a bit too quick; feel much more tired now! Last news of my solid moped, it's still working pretty well, going around to visit my mates, but never more than 10Km at a time! I've driven in one month what I was doing in a single day!



On Radio in Spain, juin 2005

I'm invited for a radio program near Madrid to tell about my trip since Ouagadougou.

You'll be able to hear it from 9 PM sunday , the 19th of June on Radio Villacanas 107.4 FM, if you're near Madrid of course!

For the others, here is the MP3 of the progrm, in french and spanish:

Jingle radio villacañas, 1ere partie, 2eme partie, 3eme partie, 4eme partie, 5eme partie, 6eme partie